Meditation frees your inner courage, engenders a sense of peace, happiness and purpose, improves energy, self-esteem, intuition and humility.
These qualities overflow and affect those around you, especially your loved ones.

Take back control. Learn, persevere and practice proper meditation. Let grace re-enter your life.
Pause. Reconnect. Rejuvenate.

Take back your life. Learn Kriya Meditation Today
Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go.

Find out what it is that remains.

Ramana Maharshi, 1879 - 1950, fully self-realized yogi
My worship (kriya meditation practice)
is of a very strange kind.
In this, Ganga water is not required.
No special utensils are necessary.
Even flowers are redundant.
In this puja (worship) all gods have disappeared.
And emptiness has merged with euphoria.

Lahiri Baba, 1828 - 1895, fully self-realized yogi
“When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place.

In that still mind within the depths of meditation, the Self reveals itself.

Beholding the Self and by means of the Self, an aspirant knows the joy and peace of contentment."

Bhagavad Gita 6:19
Krishna's Discourse with Arjuna

“God is simple. Everything else is complex. Do not seek absolute values in the relative world of nature.”

Paramahansa Yogananda, 1893 - 1952, fully self-realized yogi
Mismatched Newlyweds

A pair
Of mismatched newlyweds,
One of whom still feels very insecure,
I keep turning to God

by Hafiz, Sufi Poet
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What is true meditation?

True meditation is the state where you are actively, consciously and continually connected with the one source that gave rise to you and your existence.

Across humanity, this “source” is called by various names: God, Spirit, Soul etc. Even scientists and atheists, having applied the most rigorous logic and theoretical constructs, always end at a point, beyond which they have to infer a “source” from which the rest follows. For example, what initiated the Big Bang? Possible answers: something, some source, universal energy, nothing, X.

It doesn’t matter what we call it, since we have no direct, unbiased and practical understanding regarding it’s shape, form, function etc.

Strictly speaking, meditation is the state in which you are one with this source or we could say, your true self. More popularly, it is the practice of activities which help you to eventually achieve the state of meditation. The state of meditation is unemotional, unbiased and not dependent on any logical or religious model that you may have adopted or developed. It is experiential, but without any emotion, bias or preconceived notions.

The practice of meditation on the other hand is different. In the beginning intellectual models, religion and emotional support can help. But all such mental constructs must be abandoned at some stage or they will hold you back, thus defeating the purpose of meditation. You have to experience the reality for yourself or the proof will not be there (experienced).

Kriya Yoga is a structured form of meditation practice. It is not based on religious beliefs, nor on emotional constructs. It is referred to in many ancient texts by various names and symbols, however its’ practice does not require the practitioner to adopt or follow any religion. It’s validity lies in having stood the test of time and it’s proof is in the individuals’ direct, unfettered experience.

This site is dedicated to the practice of Kriya Yoga meditation. If you would like to answer life’s deeper questions, to learn and practice, then, I invite you to read on and contact me.